The Feathered Horse Farm

The Feathered Horse Farm Mission Statement- “We care for your horse as we do our own”. We care for all the horses entrusted to us as if they were ours! Rest assured, your horse will love it here!

Best Fan D'ald Loop-aka "Best"

Best is a Friesian Gelding. He was imported by us from Holland in 2004 as a four year old. His sire is  the approved stallion Lammert. Lammert was one of the first Friesans to reach the upper dressage levels, despite his heavy Baroque build. Lammert passed along his build  and movement to many of his offspring. Best is trained to drive and ride, but he is primarly ridden. He is being schooled for dressage and is currently at training level. He is a Baroque style Friesian with an easy temperment and he loves to trail ride the most! This horse will go through anything, he really is a trail blazer!

Guusje v/d Bokkenfarm-aka "Brooke"

Brooke came to us as an untrained 3 1/2 year old. She is a full papered Leffert daughter and is  of modern build. She has been with us for two years and has come a long way! She currently stands just shy of 16 hands, tall for a mare. She is full of energy and has very high knee action! We will have a hard time using her for dressage, but she sure will clean up in Saddleseat and carriage driving! 

Fenna fan'e Biejemastate-aka "Fenna"

Fenna is the most recent addition to our barn. She arrived from Holland in February 2007. Fenna is a 2nd Premie ,Full Papered Ster mare sired by Thomas. She is our dressage horse extraordinaire! This mare is currently in training, and she shows great promise.  Our trainer says she has the best canter she has EVER ridden, and that is saying something!


Doctor Body-aka "Doc"

1999 Buckskin Tobiano Gelding
Body Talk x Docs Easter Blanton

"Doc" has over 150 APHA points in
Halter, Western Pleasure, Western
Horsemanship, Hunter Under Saddle and Hunt Seat Equitation. He is extremely willing and gentle. Doc is a big mover who is competitive at the big shows.

Doc can be seen in area shows, ridden in Western Pleasure by his owner, Mary Johnson. 


Chance is our most recent addition to our barn. He is owned by Ann Gredler. Chance has been boarding with us since September of 2008. Chance is a great trail horse. He is about as bombproof and they come. He had been renamed "Sir Dunkin" by my husband as he dunks each and every bite of hay in his water. He makes quite the mess, but we love him!